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Chili Culture

Chilis are very similar to sweet bell peppers (Capsicum) but they have a hot fiery flavour instead of the sweet flavour associated with bell peppers.
Position - Make sure your Chili plants are in a position that receives a good amount of light. Chillies should not be in a position where the nightly temperature falls below 12 deg C. Growth will be inhibited if temperatures fall below 15 deg C.
Soil type -Chillies grow well in a well drained, fertile soil. If planting in pots be sure to use a good organic compost that will retain moisture.
Tending - Chillies should be watered regularly to avoid ‘flooding’ them at wide intervals. Watering 2 or 3 times a week so that the soil is damp (not soaked). Overwatering on a regular basis will cause the roots to rot. You will see flowers developing on the plant, leave them on and they will die after a few weeks and chilis will form. Once the plant is producing fruit you can help it along by giving it a small amount of organic liquid fertilizer every few weeks. When the plant is around 6 inches tall you can remove the growing tip, this will encourage the form of the plant to spread out and bar more fruit.












Anaheim Chili

Ancho Poblano








Thai Pepper














-Early Jalapeño Chile -

24-30”. Popular medium-hot variety widely used in the burritos & tamales of Mexico and the Southwest. Thick walled, 3 in. Fruits are typically eaten green but are also excellent ripened to red. Called “Chipotle” when smoked. Three-inched fruit on 2-3 ft. Plant. Full Sun. Moderate Water. Scoville 35K-50K.

-Anaheim Chile -

-24-30 in. Mildly hot pepper is popular for roasting, frying, and stuffing. Also makes a delicious spicy green chile stew. Prolific bearer of 6-8 inch slender fruits. Plant Spacing: 12-18”. Full Sun. Moderate Water. Scoville 1K-1.5K

-Ancho/Poblano Chile -

- One of the most popular chiles in Mexico. Mildly hot, 4-6 in. fruits are used for making chile rellenos and mole. Dark green skin turns red when ripe. Known as Poblano when fresh. Ancho when dried. Bushy, extremely productive plants. Plant Spacing: 18” Full Sun. Moderate Water. Scoville 1K -1.5K


-Habanero Chile (Scotch Bonnet)

-36” This world-famous, scalding hot peppers thrives where summers are long, hot, and humid. Lantern-shaped fruits ripen to a lovely golden orange. Reported to be 1,000 times hotter than Jalepeno! Plant Spacing: 18”-24” Full Sun. Moderate Water. Scoville 200-300K

-Serrano Pepper

- The chile that’s smaller and hotter than a Jalapeno. The Serrano’s life cycle resembles a leaf’s: These small, skinny, pointy chiles are about five times hotter than jalapenos. Thick-fleshed, does not dry well. Crisp, fresh flavor, it is the hottest pepper commonly available in the USA.Scoville 7-25K

-Ring-O-Fire Cayenne

-18-30 in. With classic cayenne shape, this chile packs even more heat than traditional cayenne. 4-6 in. fruits ripen to flaming red. Fiery flavor satisfies dried or fresh. Plant Spacing: 18” Full Sun. Moderate Water. Scoville 30-50K


-Bolivian Rainbow Chile - #GHHP-8

75 days- Grown for centuries in Bolivia, this searingly hot pepper turns from brilliant purple to yellow to red when ripe. Everbearing plants have purple foliage and flowers yielding tiny, pointed fruits. Unique, also great for landscape. Full sun, water/ Scoville 500

Thai Dragon Chili - #GHHP-9

-60 days, Hot, the Thai Dragon originated in Thailand and is widely used in Thai cooking. Thin skinned, easy drying chill. Can be used to make ristras, or frozen for easy storage. Edible in its green, red or maroon dry state. 24” plants. Scoville 50-100K

Fatali Pepper

Fatalii hails from the Central African Republic. Fatalii produces a yellow-orange fruit that is about 3" long born on sturdy 2'+ high plants. Very few pepper seeds in the cavity. Fatalii does well in the ground or in pots. If you have them in pots you can bring them in to over winter them. Some say besides the fiery flavor, they taste hints of citrus and even peach. Scoville- 250-300K

Shishito Pepper

This medium early, small, sweet, thin-walled glossy green pepper is popular in Japan. The fruits grow up to 3-4" long. Plant has a spreading habit and produces prolifically. Good for garden, greenhouse, and open field growing. Sautéed shishitos are absolutely the best thing to nibble on with drinks, and they're insanely easy to prepare. Padrón peppers can be treated exactly the same way, but they can be hot, so choose accordingly. Scoville 300-500.K


The word Chipotle translates to "smoked chile". An actual Chipotle is a dried and smoked Jalapeno pepper. It takes 10 pounds of fresh Jalapenos to make 1 pound of Chipotles. Chipotle Jalapeno has a slightly smoked flavor to begin with and a peppery heat. No matter how you use it this extraordinary chile is worth trying.  Scoville Heat Units:  2,500 - 8,000 SHUs.

Padrone Pepper

Varieties of Padrón peppers are grown all over the world. Enthusiastic pepper growers travel to Galicia year after year to learn from our methods. The peppers supplied by Casa Conde Europe are grown in the Padrón region only. Favored by resturaneurs and great sauteed with drinks - Scoville 300-500k


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